Top Five Online Casino Games

By 21 January 2021

The best online casino games depend on the games that players love, and players usually love games for specific reasons. The primary reason is the smooth gameplay and the different variants available. Thus, our list of the top five online casino games is based on the favorites of players all around the world. You can enjoy some of the best casino games at .

Online Slot Games

The best online casino games start with online slots, and this shouldn't be surprising. Online slots are top-rated among players all around the world. There are thousands of slot games that you can play from different developers, and they all offer diverse themes, payouts, designs, and RTPs. The common ground in all online slots is the smooth gameplay, which can be learned in a few seconds.

Best online casino games also depend on the house edge, and online slots are one of the games that offer the lowest house edges. Players love online slots because they can choose one that offers a better payout and higher RTP as there are thousands of choices available. If you're looking for a casino game to play, slot games are an excellent place to start.

Online Roulette Games

The best online casino games cannot go on without mentioning roulette. This game is also called the King of Casino Games and is widely popular for its easy yet exciting gameplay. The anticipation and fun that roulette offers are what keeps its dedicated fan base increasing. Roulette also offers different variants but not as much as online slots. They include American roulette, French roulette, European roulette, and more.

Best online casino games like roulette can be learned in a few minutes. The gameplay involves making a bet and pushing a button. All you have to do is know the types of bets you can make, choose a variant to start with, and begin playing. Roulette also offers some of the best house edges. The lowest offered by roulette variants is 2.5% while the highest is 5.26%.

Online Blackjack and Variants

The best online casino games will not be complete without mentioning blackjack, the game with the lowest house edge among all others. Blackjack offers a house edge starting from 1.5% and mostly pays out 3 to 2, giving players a lot of value for their money. The casino game also offers a lot of variants that tweak the rules sometimes. They include:

  • Spanish 21.
  • European blackjack.
  • Blackjack switch.
  • Pontoon.
  • Blackjack double exposure.
  • Progressive blackjack.

Best online casino games like blackjack and roulette also offer different types of bets you can make, including side bets. Online blackjack also offers easy gameplay, although not as straightforward as that in roulette and slots. In blackjack, you are playing against the dealer and have to get more points. Since you are playing online, card counting is not necessary for playing blackjack.


Video Poker Games

Best online casino games also include video poker, which is quite different from other variants of poker. Video poker offers similar rules to standard poker but is more popular because of its smooth gameplay and the fact that it provides the same design and structure as online slots. To win video poker, you need different strategies and tips. Even with this, the gameplay is straightforward.

Best online casino games like video poker are also quite generous with their payout. The house edge of this game is usually between 5.0% and 0.5%, so it all depends on the game you're playing. You can choose a video poker machine with a better house edge. It's easy to get hooked at the game, and you can play it if you have general poker knowledge.

Online Baccarat Game

The best online casino games have to include baccarat, the most elegant of them all. Baccarat is always seen as a sophisticated game that still manages to offer simplicity and excitement. The game was once meant for royalty, but now, you can learn how to play it in a few minutes on your mobile device. It is easy to understand and get the hang of with few practice rounds.

Best online casino games also offer low house edges, and baccarat isn't an exception. The game offers a house edge of 1.5%, just like blackjack, so the payout is reasonable. It also provides rigid rules and a basic strategy, so there's not much to learn before playing the game. Baccarat offers three types of bets with different odds, so you can always choose one that benefits you.