ceramics and its dimensions - clip award

The Clip Award is closed.

The winners of the contest will now be determined by an expert panel and will be awarded on November 6, 2018 as part of the presentation of the Porzellanikon at the Representation of the Free State of Bavaria in Berlin.


You can be part of this project with your voice and lend weight to the call for more sustainability as well.


Vote HERE until October 22, 2018 for the short film you like most from the "Ceramics and its Dimensions Clip Award: Go Green - Ceramics - Functional, Sustainable, Beautiful".

Whether documentary, fictitious, animated or a combination of several - the film genre and the technical implementation were open to all the applicants. Thus, the Clip Award 2018 offers the opportunity to engage with ceramics in a creative way and to commit to a better world. The clip with the most "Likes" is the winner of our Audience Award!



“Ceramics and its Dimensions” Clip Award 2018
"Go Green: Ceramics - Functional, Sustainable, Beautiful" Clip Award 2018, Video Competition

Which material accompanies, supports and facilitates everyday life? Whether tableware, decorative items, technical or architectural ceramics: we come across ceramics everywhere! It can be found not only as a tableware on the table, as a decorative figure on a shelf, but also as a tile on walls, floors or facades. And by the way, it's also an ecological and sustainable product.


The theme of the competition "Go Green: Ceramics - Functional, Sustainable, Beautiful" invites you to take a look at ceramic materials and current culinary, dining and social culture. An important aspect and value of ceramic products is the symbiosis of ecological sustainability, functionality and beauty in appearance. The social relevance, modernity and timeliness of ceramic products in Europe should be also taken into consideration.

Whether the final product is a documentary, a fictional film, an animated clip or everything combined: The film genre and the technical realisation is open to any applicant. That way the "Ceramics and its Dimensions" Clip Award 2018 offers the opportunity to engage creatively for a better world.

This Clip Award is part of the EU-Project "Ceramics and its Dimensions", which is funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

The Clip Awards’ Topic

In this day and age, we are experiencing a variety of social changes. This also means that people have begun to reflect more about their way of life. It is becoming increasingly evident that every single issue of resource’s scarcity, environmental protection and preservation of nature is given a greater weight in society. The demand for products that take sustainability and ecological requirements into account is getting bigger. Ceramic products can meet all these criteria.

Ceramics is an umbrella term for a variety of materials. Ceramics are made from natural raw materials. As a material, ceramics serve many functions. Burned, the ceramic products are extremely durable and last for thousands of years. Clay is often the starting point of artistic creativity and gives creative minds the opportunity to make their visions a reality. In architecture the realisation of functional goals as well as creative ideas is paramount. Designers create products that, notwithstanding their mass suitability, combine functionality, sustainability and beauty.

Ceramic materials possess attributes that offer solutions to problems in architecture by using them as wallcovering for natural air conditioning. In certain applications ceramics can replace other materials such as plastics, coated paper or even aluminum. Ceramics can be used to save energy and reduce water consumption. Due to their special characteristics, ceramics can meet the highest standards in terms of structural stability, hygiene and medicine. Ceramic products enrich us in all facets of everyday life and often make it even more pleasant and beautiful. This awareness regarding sustainability goes even as far as to use reusable ceramic mugs instead of paper cups for the beloved "Coffee to go".

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