What material accompanies, supports and facilitates everyday life? Ceramic!
It can be found not only as tableware on the dining table, as a decorative figure on a shelf, but also as a tile on walls, floors or facades. And by the way, it's also an ecological and sustainable product. Contributions are requested for this competition topic.

1. PRIZE: 2.000 €
2. PRIZE: 1.000 €
3. PRIZE: 500 €
4. to 10. Prize: Material prizes worth 500 € each


2 nights including breakfast for 2 in a 4-star hotel in Bad Alexanderbad in the land of porcelain.


Vote HERE until October 22, 2018 for the short film you like most from the "Ceramics and its Dimensions Clip Award: Go Green - Ceramics - Functional, Sustainable, Beautiful".


The best entries will be awarded on November 6, 2018 as part of the presentation of the Porzellanikon at the Representation of the Free State of Bavaria in Berlin. Invited are the winners (1st to 10th place), as well as the winner of the Audience Award. The travel expenses will not be compensated.


Sponsored by

The Clip Award was made possible with the financial help of the association called Förderverein des Porzellanikons. The financial endowment of the prices is possible with the kind support of Sparkasse Hochfranken.

The Audience Award is sponsored by Soibelmann Hotel Alexandersbad GmbH.

The material prizes will be sponsored by the following companies in the porclain sector: